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Exciting News… The New HKI School Opens January 16th 2014!!

After much hard work and commitment, Humankind International together with our hard-working partners Humankind Kenya, are proud to announce the Humankind Academy in Dadaab, Kenya has opened. Humankind board member Muuxi Adam travelled to Dadaab for 3 weeks in January to help assist with the opening (including painting chairs, changing flat tires) , and meeting with the Humankind Kenya board, the local community elders and politicians. Muuxi says the community is so happy, however he is heartbroken that the school had to turn away 400 extra parents who wanted to enrol their children. Our work is not done! We want not only to maintain the school, but grow it for 2015.

Thank you to everyone who is making our dream of supplying early years schooling a reality for young children in Dadaab. Local Manitoba schools and their students raised funds, and many supported our Humankind Fundraising Dinner on World Refugee Day June 20th 2013. We are thankful for the many generous donations and an anonymous donor who gave $10,000 this past June. We are so grateful!

Muuxi and students

HK Academy Sign

Muuxi with community members

Getting organized in the classroomFirst day of school HK Academy Students on their first day

Welcome to Humankind International Inc

Humankind International is about improving the lives of the children in Dadaab by supporting them through education. We believe education is one of the most effective ways of helping move children out of poverty and towards a better quality of life.

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